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Get in the best shape of your life!


Whatever your goal is

We can help you Get Better & See Results

Lose weight – Feel great

Simply put, we have helped many people achieve their weight loss & physique goals.

Consistency and motivation are major factors in making a transformation with your body. At X-FIT, both of these happen naturally.

With our ever changing workouts, you will never stop being motivated.
In fact, you will feel so good that you will crave your next workout.

And, as you might have guessed, these well-designed workouts also maximize calorie burn & weight loss, while being sure to strengthen and firm your muscles.

Want to get back in shape – Has it been a while since you last trained?

The most important part is to get started.  The next step is to start off on the right foot, especially when if it’s been a while since you’ve been a regular in the gym or involved in sports.

Our professional trainers deliver smart training sessions, designed to take into consideration your experience level.

The goal is to improve your fitness & ability, so that you can develop a good exercise habit in no time.

Fitness – Looking for a good challenge? Are you fit already?

Our very experienced trainers are capable of delivering a challenging training session to someone who’s been training for a long time.

If you like pushing your limits, or finding new ones, then come over to X-FIT for a training, and you’ll be very satisfied!

Private training

Starting at $60 /session

No matter your level or experience we will provide a high caliber workout, that will match your goals & fitness.

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Shared training

Starting at $48 /session

Book your workout whenever you want, your session will be shared with someone else if they have selected the same time.

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